From the Artist

I sit here trying to decide what I want to tell you about me and why I make rosaries. I am not much of a writer, though, so bear with me…

I am most importantly and thankfully a wife to an amazing man and mother to my beautiful children. My family has been my greatest joy. After our first child was born, my husband supported and rejoiced in my decision to be a stay at home mom. By God’s grace, my children survived those years (😄), and have grown into adults my husband and I are so very proud of.

Now that my husband and I are empty nesters, I have gone back to work part-time and have embarked on a dream I have had for years; starting my own rosary making business. I love to craft with my hands and desire for others to experience the love and aid of Mother Mary in their lives, and so I dreamed of creating Grace Filled Beads. With my husband’s encouragement and support, this has become a reality.

Thirteen years ago when preparing for a knee surgery that would have me off my feet for eight weeks, I knew I would go stir crazy if I didn’t have something to do. So, I decided to put my heart and hands to the task of learning to make rosaries. A year later, a kind and patient rosary artisan was willing to mentor me and ended up hiring me to work for her making rosaries. During this time I also made rosaries for my children, my husband, and other family and friends. It gave me great joy to make them something that would be special to them and give them such pleasure to pray with. My children still use the first rosaries I made them!

I am deeply devoted to Our Blessed Mother Mary (Just ask my family…images and statues of Mother Mary are in every room of our house AND outside!). She has helped me and my family in so many ways over the years, and praying the rosary has been at the heart of it. When I go to pray my rosary, it is like reaching for Mother Mary’s hand and inviting her into the troubles of the day or to rejoice with her over the blessings of the day. I reach for a particular one of my rosaries depending on where my heart is. Each of the rosaries I own has a special significance and history for me, and my connection to that draws me into a more meaningful prayer time.

I want to craft rosaries that will do this for you. I want them to not only draw you into a more meaningful prayer time because of the saints and symbols represented on the medals attached to them, but because they reflect the beauty of God’s nature which can be seen in the gemstones they are created with. When I design a rosary, I pray for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and I truly believe the rosary I create will find its way into the hands of the person God intended it for. I bless my hands and materials as I begin construction and, as I am making the rosary, I pray for the person it is intended for and the person buying it for them.

Thank you for taking a few moments to visit my store. Please come back often as the rosaries will change each time I add new ones to the collection. If you have a special rosary you would like made, please contact me through my contact page.

God’s peace, love, and joy be with you and may the blessing of Mother Mary be with you and your family!