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Grace Filled Beads

Russian Serpentine Rosary, 6mm, Bronze

Russian Serpentine Rosary, 6mm, Bronze

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Interesting story about this rosary...I designed the rosary with the beads and the centerpiece and crucifix. When I finished it, I went to my collection of medals and selected the St. George medal because it looked best with the design. As I mentioned in the "About the Artist" page, I pray for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in my designs. In preparing to write this description, I learned that St. George is the patron saint of Russia. The beads I used, interestingly, are Russian Serpentine! According to legend, in the city of Selem in Libya, there was a large pond where a terrible dragon lived. To appease it, the inhabitants offered him two sheep a day and later a sheep and a child drawn by lot. One day the king's daughter was chosen, and while she was heading toward the pond, George passed by and pierced the dragon with his spear; a gesture that became a symbol of faith triumphing over evil. (Vatican News webpage)

This rosary was crafted using a cotter link construction method and has an overall length of 22.5 inches.

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